3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Fitness Website In No Time

3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Fitness Website In No Time

It’s 2017 and you must already be thinking about monetizing your fitness website. There's no doubt that having a website and creating your online presence impacts business positively. Let's see how you can improve your fitness website in no time.

Before we go into details about the content of your website let's talk about the packaging first. In other words, let's focus on how you can someone go "ahaan..that looks amazing" when on your website.

All that glitters is not gold, but certainly different. 😉 

There are many ways you can convert your simple website into an impressive one, but here are 3 powerful ways to improve your fitness website that every fitness coach or personal trainer can take to get the engine running.

1) Create an Epic User-Interface

Clean colours to make your statement sound bold

Yeah, I know you are a fitness professional and the last thing you want to think about is optimizing or designing your website. You must be busy forming your packages of what you want to offer online, but what good will it be if people can't find important information on your website easily?

Here are some ways that you can simplify this task. If you know nothing about creating website or how it works - Check out this platform that has simplified creating websites to just a few clicks. No complicated computer language or researching online about the best "plugins' or hiring a costly freelancer. This way you remain in your budget and not to forget, add additional skills to your website too.


2) Use Your Website To Grow Your Email List

Ask for e-mail addresses in your contact form. If you have enough material for newsletters, ask for visitors' email addresses in exchange of free tips.

There is no denying that social media increases your total reach. Increasing Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers are important to increase your popularity and increase engagement but let's not forget about the importance of a solid email list of your website subscribers. 

The idea is to store emails of your visitors for future engagement. You can do this with the help of a pop-up saying “Subscribe to notifications” or “Enter your email to know about daily workouts” or something similar. When you grow your email list, it provides you with a powerful way to remain connected with people interested in your services or someone who might later become your customers. 

P.S.- More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for services. To ensure that people have a seamless experience on your website, make sure you use a responsive design.

Check out some fitness oriented responsive designs for free right here.

3) Clean & Easy-to-Navigate Website Wins The Audience

If your customers don’t find it easy to find your services, they’d give up and leave. You got to make sure that your fitness website is user-friendly even to a layman. Hence it is essential that webpages are displayed properly, linked properly and responsive.

Some basic content on your powerful fitness website could be - different personal training plans you offer and your price for it, your blog about how you help people reach fitness goals, testimonials and a clear contact page.

I hope these tips will help you revamp your existing website or build a new one for your online fitness business. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have.

P.S.- Themecloud also migrates your website for free. You don't lose any data and you enjoy customized help with their annual plans.

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