4 Features To Make An Impressive Attorney Website - Must Read!

4 Features To Make An Impressive Attorney Website – Must Read!

Are you a lawyer? Do you practice law?  Do you already have a website? If not, then it’s about time you got one! If yes, are you sure about its features? You feel that you have lots of potential clients and you want them on board but you don’t know what features to put to engage them? Is that it?

Too many questions but no answers still! You must be thinking why am I asking you such questions. The reason is simple. My task for today is to help you (the independent lawyer) to know the features of an Impressive Attorney Web Design. Let’s dive deeper into finer details.

I see many people asking about missing pieces on their website i.e. what makes a good and engaging attorney web design. And so here I am to share my experience and knowledge about how to make a law firm website standout to help you increase your engagement and eventually conversions.

First Things First – Dig for A Responsive Web Design

This is mandatory. You will be shocked to know the number of people utilizing mobile phones and tablets for Internet these days. And especially in your case, it’s even more crucial. At least 50% traffic for some well-established lawyer websites come from these sources. The good part is, you have the chance to engage more people. The bad part, not many people know the importance of using responsive designs.

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So let me share with you the basics and then I’ll jump into finer details. A responsive design ensures that your site visitors have  the same seamless experience on your website, irrespective of different devices. The website should be able to adjust the resolution of screen, scale size and align content to get into the best shape for optimal viewing.

If you are a law firm, it’s crucial to get your website VERY responsive. You don’t want users to get lost while searching for a particular attorney/practice area or finding ‘click to call’. Furthermore, frustrating user experiences can lead your users to switch to other search results and opt for a better alternative.

Second – Put Appropriate Methods to Contact

After ensuring that your website has a rich and responsive design, you ought to check if it  let’s users to get in touch with you without any difficulty When I was doing research for this topic specifically, I found out that some law firm websites do not give out contact information. To my surprise, I later figured that these firms do it intentionally to show that filling a form or an email does not pledge for a direct attorney and client relationship. This sucks, really. It is evident that the need for contacting an attorney varies with the practice area but it’s important to give your users options for reaching you. So, get your web page a phone number, contact form and an email address to give clear and convenient ways to contact you without any hassle.

Third – Benefit from Client Testimonials

This is far-by the most used tactic to turn users to customers. Testimonials give weightage to your law website, with views that are potentially rated by customers who seek to avail your service. Use designs that incorporate written testimonials on your page and have a clients to review and compliment your work.

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Fourth – The Wrath of Stock Photos

Stock photos can easily be recognized and won’t work in your case. Law agencies need to be more focused showing users the real-way around. Why not pick your own team and your sophisticated office space to show off? You don’t necessarily have to hire a pro cameraman. Random and stage-sincere shots of attorneys will be perfect too!

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