4 Steps to BOOST Traffic on Your Fitness Website (All Organic)

4 Steps to BOOST Traffic on Your Fitness Website (All Organic)

Hello you awesome personal trainers and fitness coaches. Last week we talked about how to improve your fitness website and ideally, you have your content, images and all your call-to-action buttons are functional.


But to think about it, what good is your website unless there aren’t enough people coming and stopping by?


New websites have to create presence quickly and at the right time to get attention. The good news? There are some clever ways to do it - you just need the right direction and correct timing. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s quickly get to how you can get people to come to your website.


4 Steps to Boost Traffic On Your Fitness Website

Step 1: Write an engaging fitness article

The first step is to write an article that will be interesting for your target audience to read.

I know I know! You're a fitness professional and not Shakespeare but it's a proven way to get consistent traffic on your website. You think you don't have so much to write any article? No worries! There are plenty of freelancers whom you can find on sites like fiverr who can write articles for you for as low as $5.

Don’t focus on what you are offering (your service) to your prospective customers but instead inform them about your niche – fitness.

For e.g., you might want your clients to know about ways to improve their health, something like “3 habits to improve your health” or something related to a better diet like, “Why a cleaner diet is as important as training”.

Add a catchy title and write in points. Don’t stuff in sentences just to increase the word count - you risk losing the interest of your readers. Adding images is always a good idea - it helps to increase the visitor’s engagement on your website.

Step 2: Post the article on your social media page

Once you publish your fitness article on your website, get ready for some effort to accentuate customer engagement. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media platform, it’s known that these are the most efficient ways to reach your prospects. Creating an account on these channels is EXTREMELY important.

Assuming that you have social media accounts (no matter, how big or small), share your article on each of your social media accounts. Use ‘Google Link Shortener’ to shorten your web link and post it on your fitness page. With this, you can track how many people clicked on your link, which in turn will boost your confidence. Don’t forget to add a title to your post and relevant hashtags to engage more people.

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Step 3: Join related niche groups

Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and subreddits on reddit come in very handy when you’re looking for organic web traffic, with caution of course. Think of it like this -

You are a fitness pro and you plan fitness routines for people and help them achieve their goals; but can you just bump into any random person and start telling them the importance of being fit?

Even if you can, why waste time talking your business with a random stranger if you can rather benefit from pre-defined potential target market. I am sure, you already have an idea of the profile of potential customers that you are trying to target.

Once this is clear, it becomes easy to put across your services using the pain points of your target audience.

So, whether you are on Facebook or LinkedIn, search for groups in your niche - fitness. You might want to experiment with different keywords like ‘Fit Girls’, and join them. As soon as you are approved and on board, you're only a step away from getting relevant traffic to your website!

Step 4: Share article on social groups

The last step is to share your article on the groups that you joined. Just go to your official page and scroll down to the article you just posted, click on ‘Share’, followed by the ‘Share..’ option. You can then choose to ‘Share in a group’ and search for groups that you recently joined. Once you’ve completed your selection, click ‘Post’ and in a swoosh.. your article will be posted in your selection of groups or go for approval to the admin (settings differ from one group to another). Once your article is posted on different groups, relevant and targeted traffic will start pouring on your website.

You can track your web traffic with the help of Google Analytics.

The entire point of marketing online is that ever thing is measurable, every click. 

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I am sure that with these 4 steps to boost traffic on your fitness website you will definitely help you to change your game. The trick to maintain or increase traffic on your website is by adding unique content on a regular basis. This way, your prospective clientele will love to spend time on your website and they'll ultimately buy your service.

Don’t forget to drop in your comments if you have questions/suggestions. ☺

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