Architects Differentiate Yourself With A Killer Positioning Statement

Architects Differentiate Yourself With A Killer Positioning Statement


With millions of websites cluttering the internet, it has become very tricky to understand ~ how can you ensure that the prospective client comes across you? (At the right time, right moment, answering the right search keywords..)

How do you make sure that when a prospective client looks for a service that you specialise in, they find you and your contact information?

It’s simple! You need a Positioning Statement – a statement that summarises what you do in 4 to 6 words.

Examples of your positioning statement could be “chic solutions to redo your bathrooms”, “stylish kitchens for new homes”. In doing so, you send out a clear message that if someone is looking for an architect to redo their bathroom, they should unfalteringly come to you.

P.S. – There’s no doubt that you need a website first. Create one yourself, without any tech skills right here.

So how do you form your positioning statement?

The ideal positioning statement should be able to clearly communicate what you specialise in. The idea is to word it in a way that your clients will use to look for you. Once you are listed as a result with the same keywords, they know that it’s your focus ~ since it’s your positioning statement and they’ll immediately look you up.

This way the prospective clients know how to remember you. In our business where Word of Mouth is one of the most crucial ways to get more leads, it’s important to give something to your clients to clearly remember you by.


How to best capture the leads that you come across?

A clean, chic website that presents your work with finesse is what you need. Check out some classy, chic templates right here.

The secret is to deeply understand the expectations and needs of your clients. It’s important to know what he really wants. No, he doesn’t want a well designed house but instead a home that shall give them space to hangout with friends and family to build their relationship.

A good architect delivers a well-designed project, a great architect designs his project in order to enable his clients achieve their goals. When you succeed in deeply understanding the needs of your clients, you’ll find that their willingness to recommend you also increases.

The role of your website is not to create desire but to increase and amplify a desire that already exists in the prospective client’s mind.

What you also need is to ensure that the prospective client receives your contact information easily. A clean, chic contact page on your website will do the trick. Having a contact form also helps in collecting information of prospective clients whom you’d like to target with your e-mails later.

Therefore, what you need to do is be online and tell the world that you’re awesome. 🙂

See the 7 Platforms you can’t miss to tell the world you’re awesome right here.

Also, here’s a complete social media guide tailored for architects and interior designers.

Good luck!

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