PTs - Read This Most Important Business Tip To Increase Fitness Clients

PTs – Read This Most Important Business Tip To Increase Fitness Clients



The market is saturated and you need to make your space. Yes, there are more personal trainers than ever. So how can you manage to leave a mark and differentiate yourself from the rest? Is that even possible? Yes it is! Here’s the most important business tip to increase fitness clients –


With the current trend of more and more specialised products and services – all you need is to take a cue and follow suit. Find out how and why you need to build your niche to target fitness clients better.

I am sure that when you’re at work or training your clients – you meet different types of people. They’re differently aged, have different goals, different body types and so on. You know how to map their routines and fitness regimes to ensure that they achieve their missions and goals irrespective of the sheer difference from one person to the other.

Clearly, you do not just copy paste your plan from one client to the other. You tailor design it for their needs, demands, goals and body type. And this is exactly where your business opportunity lies. Choose a specialty – a type in all your clients whom you think you can train the best. This can range from mid-aged dads with fixed working hours to athletes who want to train to increase their stamina. If you think about it, this process of segmentation can have close to a hundred possibilities. The challenge is to choose the right one for you and make it count.


All the trainers who have made it big and earn in 7 figures, have one thing in common. They are all masters at what they do.

The goal is to define a segment that you’d like to target and then position yourself as a specialist in training them.

Some parameters to help you build your niche –

  • Define the age bracket
  • Gender
  • Primary Role that he plays in life (dad/businessman/fitness enthusiast..)
  • Major goals he’d usually like to achieve
  • Package your offering
  • Sell your package online

Once you know the niche you’d like to target, life becomes a lot easier. You can focus and apply your knowledge to specialise in your training.

What will you get when you offer specialised training?

When you offer a set of specialised, tailored service and hence not a generalised service – you immediately succeed in differentiating yourself. In doing so, you tell the world that “Hey, If you are *enter niche name*, I’m your person” and hence, you become Premium.

When you become premium and create a package that is too good to be true for your clients, they want to take it and they are willing to pay extra for it. When you give more, you receive more.  🙂

After you’ve designed an amazing offer for your niche, what you need to do is – establish yourself online. The first step is creating your website. Read Here: How to create the PERFECT fitness website quickly and easily. No tech skills required.

After you’ve created a website, do not forget to use the power of social media. Social media channels such as – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are brimming with fitness instructors who have established themselves online. They use it to showcase their personality and establish this personal connection with the prospective or actual clients.

Learn how you can market yourselves on social media with this 3 step guide to attract new clients easily.

P.S.- The more particular you are with your criteria when defining your target niche – the better it is for your strategy.

The idea is not to have a million customers who don’t pay well. But to have a few clients who will pay more to get specialised training.

If you found this article useful, please share your opinion/experiences/insights in the comments. Cheers!

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