Social Media Guide For Interior Designers To Design Content - Read Now!

Social Media Guide For Interior Designers To Design Content – Read Now!


Architects and Interior Designers – The people whose eyes have an extraordinary ability to see in 3D when others see empty space. It’s so easy for you to fill in the blank space with the most satisfying and colorful features – all in minutes.

I’m sure you have been hearing about the new fad of social media platforms. It is no secret that social media platforms form the new marketplace. You need to market yourself and you need to market well. You’ll be surprised to learn about how architects have been growing in popularity, thanks to social media.

Find out which platforms you should use to increase your reach and maximise your online horizons right here.

But before you start, Caveat – It’s important not to forget that all these social media handles and posts and pages should all end up in a landing page – your website. Learn how you can create your perfect architect website right here.

Once you have a website ready and know which platform suits your audience the best, here are some quick tips and tricks for your awesome content that’ll help you ace your social media marketing strategy –

1) Specify your objective for marketing

You need to be clear with what you’re trying to achieve with this strategy. For example – Are you going online to connect with fellow architects or use it as a portfolio for prospective clients?

Once you know what you want to do with your website and why you want to use social media platforms, you shall know how to zero in on it. Different objectives call for different content, different audience, different online persona. Take as much time as you need to understand what you want to do with it.

2) Image centric articles

Since your job is to beautify spaces and make someone’s dream project, a reality – it’s no secret that your pictures need to speak. No, not just a thousand words but instead pictures that capture the hardwork you put in conceptualizing your projects.

Hire a professional photographer to click high quality, high resolution pictures that do not pixelate. Pick a photographer that specialises in architectural photography. You can find some of them at Houzz or American Society of Media Photographers.  This small investment in a photographer will pay you well in the long run. Every client wants to see the finer details and once you’ve succeeded in delivering that – you’re at a much better space.

Talk about your projects and opinions. Never be shy in uploading pictures of projects that you take pride in.

3) Create engaging content 

When you decide to go online, it is important that you stay relevant. It’s only when you have clear objectives, you know who your target audience is. Once you know who your audience is, you create content accordingly.

Here’s an example of Zaha Hadid Architects with more than 100,000+ likes-


For example – If your primary objective is to connect with other architects, you can be technical in your blog posts or content. In this case, your fellow architects can understand the technical jargon that you might like to use but if your primary objective is to attract new clients – it’s best to keep the language simple.

Using tools like Buffer to schedule your posts to maximize reach and tools like Snappa or Canva to create attractive infographics.

If you want to save a lot of time and effort, build your website with these templates. Powered by page builders, it will make your life a lot easier.

Hope you’re better placed after reading this.

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