Your Architecture Website Sucks & Here’s Why!

Your Architecture Website Sucks & Here’s Why!

Do you know that your website is not good enough? Surprised? This is going to be hard to hear but it’s really not. You'll soon find out why and no need to worry, I am here to help you build a powerful architecture website that will get you more leads than ever before.

Coming to Why Your Website Is A Failure

This might sound weird to you, but there's a good chance that your site looks as if it's made for YOU and not for your prospective customers.

So Where Are You Going Wrong?

Architects generally love colors, attractive pictures, and natural light and they like to think that the best way to get a client’s attention is to create a website which represents similar values. Sure you are proud of your work and you feel that displaying your work will lead you to catch customers’ interest but you are mistaken.

Such architecture websites are nothing more than brochure websites and have little to do with services that you offer.

So, What’s the Solution?

It’s simple.

The objective is to get worthwhile leads and for that your website needs a proper design.


Additionally, if you want potential customers to like and trust you, then become their educator. No, this doesn't mean that you give-away your secret recipe but at the least, you need to define the true value of your services. Do this to such an extent that your clients have no choice but to choose you.

Here are some KILLER ways you can make your average website a hip one!

1) Add quality content to your website answering the needs of your customers.

Easiest way to do this by writing engaging blog posts, focused articles and scheduling webinars. E.g. of such articles could be - How to choose the right contractor? In the articles, focus more on services that you provide and your USP.

2) Use internet for targeted audience reach for your posts

Use advertising tools to share the content from your website on different platforms for reaching prospects.

Different tools like increasing your SEO by focusing on keywords, different social media channels - can be a great way to bring organic traffic. Paid advertising like AdWords can be very handy to get calls from potential customers. You can learn how to use AdWords for reaching your potential customers in my next post.

3) Define a clear action that you want readers to take after reading your post

Your landing pages, websites, blog articles should always have a clear and well defined call-to-action; be it in the form of comments section, signup form for newsletter or details to contact you directly.

Stay tuned to know about more tips and suggestions on how to have a rock-solid architecture website.

P.S.-  Always remember, customers want information first, design second!

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